I create interactive products used by people.

I have designed and shipped 10+ stand-alone web apps, four unique mobile operating systems, led the concept and creative direction for two highly-rated mobile apps in the app store, joined a product team to ship a native iPad app for data visualization, and can help almost anyone make a product realized quickly based on a few good ideas.

I’m an interaction designer first and foremost; I can also mentor teams of designers and product managers, envision an entire product from a systematic perspective, provide creative direction on branding and product initiatives, create visuals based on an established look and feel, work backwards to plan implementation by breaking a product vision into discrete iterative steps, agonize over color palettes and decorate your office.

From large-scale applications and mobile operating systems to small interactive widgets, I've worked as an advocate for user-centered design in many capacities:  for small companies and startups, as a consultant in my own design studio and as an employee at large corporations. 

As a seasoned product designer and design collaborator, I am on the Board of Advisors at Broadside Digital and I have volunteered as a mentor at multiple Seattle Startup Weekends.

I specialize in responsive interaction design for multiple platforms. I'm an expert interaction designer, information architect and user advocate. I have a strong design sense and capabilities in both visual and interaction design methodologies. I can envision a concept, product or a feature by making it as real as possible as quickly as possible.

First, I seek and listen to gather requirements, understand goals, define assumptions and solve known issues before considering a systematic solution. My process always involves creating wireframes that show the optimal task flow and ultimately the end-to-end experience for products to be used by people. These wireframe storyboards explain a product's usage model - a digital wayfinding system to be learned by repetitive usage - including written scenarios that define the individual features and overall functionality, and the visual look and feel for its target customers.


For more about my prior work experience and me, see my resume.


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In Miami - March 2017

In Miami - March 2017