I create intuitive interactive products used by millions of people. From large-scale applications and mobile operating systems to small interactive widgets, I've worked as an advocate for user-centered design in many capacities:  for small software companies and startups, as a consultant in my own design studio and as an employee at large corporations.

I just joined Rival IQ, a Seattle startup focused on creating tools for competitive marketing analysis.

During the last year, I designed some useful iPhone apps including a FitBit Finder and an app for printing and framing photos. Previously, I was an interaction designer at BlackBerry, as UX Lead for the BB10 Contacts application. I worked at BlackBerry because the startup where I was working was acquired in February 2011.

I am an expert interaction designer, information architect and user advocate. I specialize in creating wireframes that show the optimal task flow and experience for products used by people. These wireframe storyboards explain a product's usage model - a digital wayfinding system including written scenarios that define the overall functionality for its target customers.

Take a look at my resume and my portfolio for a bit more information about me and my work. If you'd like to learn more, please contact me.


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